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United States
Hey peeps! My name is Elsdor and i am a furry. I draw anything from traditional to digital to even making fursuits on occations!

Check out my FurAffinity, im online there everyday!…

Nicknames- Badger, Elsdor, Els

Mood: Not sure.
Listening to: Falling in Reverse Radio
Reading: Redwall: Lord Brocktree
Watching: Pewdiepie
Playing: Pokemon
Eating: Cheese Its
Drinking: Water

:iconshadowlinkstamp1::iconshadowlinkstamp2: :iconkirbystamp1plz::iconkirbystamp2plz: :icongrimmjowstamp1plz::icongrimmjowstamp2plz:
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:iconzeldastampplz::iconzeldastamp2plz: :iconcrashstampplz::iconcrashstamp2plz: :iconplzspyrostamp1::iconplzspyrostamp2:
:icondonkeykongstamp: :iconluckystarstamp1plz::iconluckystarstamp2plz: :iconrinandlen1plz::iconrinandlen2plz:
:iconyotsubastamp1plz::iconyotsubastamp2plz: :iconotaplzstamp::iconkuplzstamp: :iconbakastamp1::iconbakastamp2:
:iconusa-plz1::iconusa-plz2: :iconjapanstamp1::iconjapanstamp2: :iconjapanplz::iconjapan2plz:
:icondeviantstamp1::icondeviantstamp2: :iconlogoutplz1::iconlogoutplz2: :icondastamp1plz::icondastamp2plz:
:iconfriendoclove1plz::iconfriendoclove2plz: :iconfavsplz::iconfavs2plz: :iconistilllovedisney1plz::iconistilllovedisney2plz:
:iconjamiestamp1::iconjamiestamp2: :iconstamp1plz::iconstamp2plz: :iconweak4cute1plz::iconweak4cute2plz:

Who would you say is your closest friend online?
Probably my friend Tyler who I sadly havent been able to talk to since summer D:

What is your favorite type of reading? (Manga, Book, Comic, Fanfiction, etc.)
Manga for the most part. I am Japanese after all ;P

What is your favorite color?
Blue ;w;

Who was your favorite teacher and why?
My fourth-grade teacher. She is (I still see her on occasions at my brother's school) just so fun and loving, she really inspires you to move onward and be happy in life <3

Why do you make art?
For the most part for my enjoyment and to see how much I can improve

What inspired your username?
One of my old characters. I would change it if I could now, I might just make a new account

What is your favorite gaming genre? (RPG, SciFi, Fantasy, etc.)

Does anyone inspire you?
Lots and lots of Mangaka

What do you aspire to do as a profession?
Something of the art profession

Do you plan on going to college, and if so, what degree do you plan on getting?
Yes I do, and I have no idea lol

I TAG EVERYONE //world explodes//
  • Mood: I Have To Pee
  • Listening to: My cousin talk XD
  • Reading: idk
  • Watching: Pewdiepie
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: air
  • Drinking: water

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